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  • Privacy Policy

    Maintaining customer’s privacy is one of the most important aspects of our organization. We are quite cautious when it comes to secure personal information of buyers. Our trusted privacy policy makes sure that all the details pertaining to customers are safeguarded and are never shared with third parties by any means.

    We ask our clients certain important details while selling medications, such as billing name and address, email ID, personal phone number, and credit card particulars. All these details are kept in a secured database that can be accessed only by the superior authorities of We assure that your personal information will not be used for any other purpose than carrying out the order.

    The information stored with us is strictly for business process. We provide customers the complete right to change, update or delete the personal information. We simply store the details in a secured system. Our privacy policy also applies no spamming role. That means we will not send you promotional offers, unnecessarily and constantly, to your email ID.

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