Modvigil (Generic Modafinil) to Handle sleeping issues


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    Modvigil is an oral prescription medicine advised for the clinical management of Narcolepsy and other sleeping disorders. It is also suggested for treating other sleeping issues such as ‘sleep apnea’ and sleeping disturbances due to shift work issue. Modafinil is the chief drug of this medicine, which is characterized as a racemic compound that has the ability to boost wakefulness. Simply put, your physician may prescribe you Modvigil to enhance your memory process, cognitive abilities, concentration, and wakefulness during the daytime.

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    • Modvigil is a wonderful medicine that helps improve wakefulness, treat sleep apnea and shift work disorder.
    • It is an effective and safe medicine, as the active ingredient is an FDA-approved drug.
    • For effective results, make sure it is used after talking with the medical advisor.
    • You can get Modvigil easily from online store at relatively cheaper rate.


    • Modafinil is the main and active chemical ingredient of Modvigil, which is classified under the racemic elements that promote wakefulness and alertness. The exact action mechanism of this medicine in promoting alertness is not clearly understood. However, it is believed to adhere with a brain chemical called as Dopamine and inhibits its reuptake. It is believed to have wake-promoting properties that are similar to drug like amphetamine.


    • Modvigil is safe and effective when used after consulting your physician.
    • It is imperative to go through the medication label for appropriate utilization.
    • The route of administration is oral, and you need to consume whole tablet with a glass full of water without crushing or chewing it.
    • Modvigil 200 mg is an ideal dosage prescribed by physicians for people with excessive daytime sleepiness.
    • The dose should be taken only once in a time span of 24 hours. However, the dosage may vary from person to person, so ask the doctor beforehand.
    • You can consume the dose with or without meal.
    • For narcolepsy, the prescribed dose is meant to be taken in the morning.
    • For shift work disorder, the dose is meant to be taken at least an hour before commencement of work.
    • Your doctor may increase the dose after analyzing your response, need and susceptibility, so better to keep in touch with your doctor during treatment.
    • Store this smart drug at room temperature and away from direct moisture or heat.


    • Clinical studies of Modvigil showed that it is well-tolerated and effective treatment for promoting daytime wakefulness in patients with narcolepsy who were initially treated with psychostimulants. It is also found useful in eliminating fatigue or tiredness.


    • Since Modvigil is a synthetic medicine, it may produce few side effects, which often diminish on their own. But if they don’t, get in touch with your doctor for medical intervention. Few common side effects are as follows –
      • Backache
      • Sleep disorder
      • Diarrhea
      • Headache
      • Sore throat
      • Dry mouth
      • Mild elevation in blood pressure level

      You may experience other side effects that are not listed above. So make sure you inform your doctor if you feel any alterations in your body.


    • Modvigil should never be given to children, as it is not designated for them.
    • In case if you skip or miss the dose, make sure you take it as soon as you remember, but never try to exceed the dose, because overdose is associated with unwanted drug reactions.
    • Overdose symptoms are sleepiness, generalized weakness and drowsiness.
    • Modvigil may impair your normal thinking and reacting processes, so stay away from risky activities that need alertness after dosage.
    • Avoid alcohol during treatment, as it may aggravate your condition.


    • Avoid Modvigil drug if you are suffering from debilitating cardiovascular disease and allergic to Modafinil.
    • Inform your doctor about past or present medical illnesses, such as heart or brain disorders, psychological issues, etc.
    • You should also inform your doctor about undergoing medications, such as prescription or OTC drugs, herbal products and supplements.
    • If you are planning to conceive; if you are already pregnant; and if you are nursing your baby, then ask your doctor before making use of Modvigil drug.


    • Steroids, acid reducers, sedatives, antidepressants and warfarin (blood thinner) are known to interact adversely with Modvigil and produce unpleasant symptoms. Hence, it is recommended to tell your doctor about the medications you are or were taking.


    • Modvigil is not indicated for people with following conditions –

      • Severe heart disorder
      • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
      • Prolonged kidney or liver problems
      • Serious psychological issues
      • Allergic to Modafinil

    Auxiliary Treatment

    • Modvigil is really an effective and safe drug to promote wakefulness and alertness. In addition, you can practice Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to get rid of sleeping disorders.