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  • Slim Trim Active

    Slim Trim Active


    Slim Trim Active is an incredible medication that is specially prescribed to those who want to lose extra pounds. It helps one get rid of unwanted fat from the body and reduces the risk of gaining already lost weight. This anti-obesity medicine is prescribed only for adults who have body mass index (BMI) more than 35. In many countries, this generic medicine is available without prescription; however, it is better to seek medical help before using. Orlistat is the main and active drug component of Slim Trim Active, which is an FDA-approved drug. This medicine prevents fat absorption and eliminates unwanted fat through stools.

      • Generic NameOrlistat
      • Strength(s)120 mg
      • Delivery25 days
      • Brand Name Xenical
      • Expiry Date2023
      • ShippingWorldwide

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    • Slim Trim Active is an innovative form of medicine for losing extra weight.
    • It curbs obesity without much side effects.
    • It brings back your normal body mass index (BMI).
    • Slim Trim Active online is easily available at affordable price.


    • Slim Trim Active (Orlistat) is pharmacologically determined as a lipase (enzyme) inhibitor. That means it negates the natural secretion of lipase. By inhibiting lipase enzyme, Slim Trim Active prohibits the absorption of fat that you eat. The fat that is unabsorbed passes through colon and is eliminated in the form of stools. This brings down the intake of calorie, thereby creating encouraging effect on your total body mass index.


    • Take Slim Trim Active after consulting the medical professional and stay away from self-medication.
    • Follow all the directions and never take smaller or larger amounts of medicine for longer duration than suggested.
    • This anti-obesity medication should be taken three times a day with meal or 60 minutes after meal.
    • The ideal dose for an adult is 120 mg thrice a day, but it’s better to ask your doctor for appropriate dosage schedule.
    • Never take the dose on an empty stomach. If you skip your meal, skip the dose as well.
    • For apt use, you should consult a nutritionist who can help you with proper diet plan while using Slim Trim Active.
    • Irregular or haphazard utilization of this generic anti-obesity will not yield beneficial effects.
    • Store the medicine in a dry and cool place.


    • The clinical studies have reported that Slim Trim Active significantly reduces extra weight, maintains normal body mass index, and curbs abdominal fat. Moreover, it is a well-tolerated medicine and safe in use. However, for better results, it is essential to practice regular exercise and eat healthy foods.


    • Oily/fatty/greasy stools
    • Loose stools
    • Fecal urgency
    • Enhanced bowel movements
    • Slight anal pain
    • Stomach ache
    • The above-mentioned symptoms are common side effects of Slim Trim Active, which often subside. Oily or greasy defecation is the unwanted fat that fails to assimilate in the body.


    • Slim Trim Active is one of the ways to lose weight. It is also important to follow healthy dietary habits and exercise regularly in order to notice improvement.
    • In association with this medicine, you should take vitamin supplements, as Orlistat also prohibits the assimilation of vital fat-soluble vitamins.
    • People with binge eating disorder should never use this innovative medicine.
    • Avoid fat-rich diet when you use this medicine, as it may aggravate the side effect – loose and fatty stools.
    • Overdose with this therapeutic agent can give rise to severe medical complications, so be careful.
    • Do not give Slim Trim Active medicine to children or teens without doctor’s consent.
    • Abstain from alcohol during treatment, as it may hamper the drug efficacy.


    • To ensure the safe and appropriate use of Slim Trim Active medicine, inform your doctor about medical issues (if any), such as –
      • Gallbladder issues
      • Malabsorption syndrome
      • Liver or Kidney dysfunction
      • Thyroid disorders
      • Diabetes
      • Eating disorders
    • Also, inform your doctor about the medications you are using to manage other health issues.
    • Do not use Slim Trim Active if you are conceiving and/or nursing a child.


    • Insulin
    • Diabetic medicine
    • Epilepsy medicine
    • Herbal products
    • Multivitamins
    • Warfarin (blood thinner)
    • The aforementioned drugs are known to interact with Slim Trim Active and produce adverse effects, so make sure you tell your doctor beforehand.


    • Slim Trim Active (Orlistat) is not indicated in people with following health issues –

      • Gallbladder stones
      • Malabsorption syndrome
      • Pregnancy
      • Breastfeeding
      • History of allergic to Orlistat

    Auxiliary Treatment

    • In association with Slim Trim Active therapy, you should focus on your lifestyle. You should eat healthy and perform exercise to notice expected improvement.