Generic Minoxidil to Prevent Hair Loss in Men


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    Generic Minoxidil is a topical solution that is prescribed for the treatment of hair fall, also known as alopecia. It is an effective and safe solution for preventing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. Factually, this medicine (oral) was established for treating hypertension (high blood pressure) that damages your important organs of the body. It is a medication that acts as a vasodilator to improve blood flow. For encouragement of head hair growth, only topical form of Generic Minoxidil is prescribed, not oral. It is highly recommended to seek medical advice before making use of this topical application.

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    • Generic Minoxidil nourishes the scalp and hair follicles to promote hair growth.
    • It acts quickly and provides effective results if used regularly unless your doctor asks you to discontinue.
    • It promotes hair growth in terms of both thickness and density.
    • Generic Minoxidil is available without prescription, and at a very cheap rate.


    • The exact mechanism of Generic Minoxidil in promoting hair growth is idiopathic. However, its vasodilation properties help widen the arteries for adequate amount of blood supply. This way more oxygen and nutrients are provided to vital organs, including scalp. This may nourish the scalp and hair follicles for the growth of newer and thicker hairs. Since Generic Minoxidil is applied locally on the affected region, it functions faster. It reaches the hair roots promptly and provides enough blood, oxygen and nutrients for desired effects.


    • Use Generic Minoxidil exactly as advised by your prescribing doctor.
    • Do not apply more or less amount of medicine than recommended.
    • Applying more than prescribed dose will not enhance speedy hair growth; rather it will produce unwanted effects.
    • For safe and proper use, make sure you follow all the directions given in the medicinal leaflet.
    • Pat dry your scalp and hair before applying the solution.
    • Usually, you have to apply it twice daily, and only on the scalp region.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying the medicine.
    • You may need to apply it for four months or more to notice the signs of improvement.
    • Store Generic Minoxidil in a very safe place, especially away from direct heat.
    • Keep it in a cool, dry place.


    • In the United States, Generic Minoxidil 5% is prescribed for male pattern baldness, whereas 2% is advised for women with hair loss. The 5% potency has been found more effective than 2% solution. The Food and Drug Administration have approved this topical hair growth agent for use in managing alopecia for more than 18 years.


    • Change in hair color or texture
    • Scalp itching or irritation
    • Unwanted hair growth on face
    • Mild headache
    • Mild dizziness
    • Mild flushing
    • These are few common side effects of Generic Minoxidil, which often subside as the treatment progresses. If they persist, talk with your medical advisor about further management.


    • Do not allow children to use Generic Minoxidil solution by any means; it is not meant for them.
    • If you miss or skip the dose, make sure you apply it as soon as your remember, but do not apply more solution than recommended.
    • Overuse of Generic Minoxidil can give rise to severe scalp irritation and other unpleasant reactions, so be careful.
    • Avoid this medicine from entering your nose, eyes and mouth; if it comes in contact accidentally, rinse the part with plenty of water.
    • Avoid using other cosmetic products while using this topical application.


    • Before using Generic Minoxidil, inform your doctor about any medical condition related to heart, blood vessels, and scalp.
    • Do not use it if your scalp is already inflamed, irritated and swollen.
    • If this agent is applied on an already affected scalp, it could lead to complications, so see your doctor before using Generic Minoxidil.
    • Never make use of this therapeutic agent in case of pregnancy and breast-feeding.
    • Inform your doctor about any cosmetic or medical local applications you are using.


    • It is less likely that other medicinal agents (injectable and oral) will interact with topically applied Generic Minoxidil. However, other local applications can interact adversely with this hair restoration agent. So, tell your doctor about the undergoing treatment with local applications, oral and injectable.


    • Generic Minoxidil is contraindicated in adults who are allergic to Minoxidil, subjects below 18 years of age, and those who have inflamed scalp.

    Auxiliary Treatment

    • Generic Minoxidil will certainly help men and women with progressive thinning and losing of hair. In addition, you are requested to follow healthy lifestyle by eating proper diet, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking.